General Terms - GWK services

Last updated on 10th October 2022

This is an extra general Terms and Conditions to pages, services, websites and DNS websites that associates with and powered by the Google Wai Kit team.

1) Sites that associates with the Google Wai Kit team domain 

The Google Wai Kit team may associated it's "" Domain Name System ("DNS") or "Subdomain" to others. We will NOT reliable on any data loss, transfer, stolen or hacked, unless stated in their respective Privacy Policies.

2) Eligibility to enter Sites and Service that powered by the Google Wai Kit team

You agree that by entering Sites and Services that powered by the Google Wai Kit Team, you are a legal citizen of any country in the who did not have any criminal record in the past. You also agree to the Terms of Service, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and other policies of the respective sites.

3) Private Sites and Services of the Google Wai Kit Team

Some Sites and Services of the Google Wai Kit Team are PRIVATE. You are required to see the full Terms and Conditions of their respective sites to see if you are allowed to access or not. Illegal or unauthorized access to these private websites will face severe consequences.

4) Take data from the Google Wai Kit Team

If you take any photos, videos, text, system or any other data that belongs to the Google Wai Kit Team without consent, we may be contact or investigate you, your service, site or any provider for a removal. If not, we will have the rights to terminate whatever you have. If you have the rights from the Google Wai Kit Team to take data from our sites, or if you are a journalist from a licensed news channel (but still must have a consent from us), please remember that you are given a period of time to display whatever you've taken from our site (unless you are a journalist or with permission of holding it forever). 

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